Creative Movement in the Classroom

With Marina Dyck-Clark

A Little about Marina and her Creative Movement Program:


I have been running various different Jumping Jellies children’s dance classes around Calgary for over three years now. I can’t say enough about how creating this company has changed my life for the better! I spent years going in to daycare and preschool facilities and had a hard time finding an active and fun program for kids.

Creating my Jumping Jellies Creative Movement and Yoga programs has been amazing! Kids, parents, and teachers absolutely LOVE Jumping Jellies and can’t get enough of what we do! We make every single class unique, fun, educational, and engaging. By using a wide variety of movements, storytelling, and use of props, children always leave with big smiles on their faces.

It is a big dream of mine to expand Jumping Jellies programs and to educate other teachers on the benefits of integrating creative movement in the classroom. The best part is there’s really no rules in creative movement, as long as you have an open mind and aren’t afraid to show your silly side!”


Creative Movement in the Classroom

Looking for new ideas and new ways to keep kids focused, engaged, and attentive in the classroom? Integrating music and movement can be a huge positive outlet for children, and it’s so much fun!

This workshop covers a wide range of gross motor and team building activities for children 1-14, including helpful and resourceful ways to switch things up and take the creative approach in the classroom. With a variety of different props and techniques this workshop will encourage teacher’s to use unique strategies to develop their own creative movement class. The workshop will conclude with an open discussion and group sharing.

Please join me for an afternoon of fun and sharing

at my next workshop located at our Jumping Jellies location:
4411 Manitoba Rd
December 8th

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Make sure to bring your energy and imagination!