Jumping Jellies Fitness/Healthy lifestyles

At Jumping Jellies we believe in promoting healthy lifestyles! How you may ask? Well with our specialized programs for Mom’s and Tot’s not only is it special bonding time between baby and Mom but also gets you moving, gets the blood flowing, oxygen pumping and of course the extra benefit of the little ones having a great LONG nap!

At Jumping Jellies we’re super excited because we will be combining both fitness along with play and bonding time with your child.This will include classes such as Baby Wearing Mommy Fitness Class,  Mommy & Me Play & Dance, and Zumba for Mom’s!

All of these classes will integrate different rhythms such as Salsa, Merengue, Jazz, Classical, Pop, and more! While also incorporating Shakers, Scarfs, Hula-Hoops singing, playing and having fun!

Jumping Jellies strives to creative a warm and welcoming environment for Parent and Child to bond through dance and music while also feeling great in releasing energy, getting fit, and making meaningful connections. Early childhood is so precious. Creating these bonding experiences makes it even more special!

Jumping Jellies will create these meaningful moments and we would Love for you and your little one to attend a class today!

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Marina Clark

Director/ Dance instructor

[email protected]