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Expressive Movement/ Creativity

After many years of dance training I can clearly distinguish between different forms of dance. Dancing for movement, and self-expression has been my main focuses as I believe it is the most important kind of dance for children.

There can be many purposes for dance such as functional, technical, expressive, or creative. Functional dance has a purpose such as hand clapping to get someones attention. Technical dance focuses in on a specific technique of a dance for example learning how to pirouette in ballet. Expressive and creative movement is unique to the individual. It can tell a story, express an emotion, or convey a thought.

Learning expressive movement can be very beneficial for children as using their bodies for expressive/creative movement can lead to confidence and the ability to express themselves in different social situations for example in public presentations. Children can have the ability to have an understanding of emotions and even learn how to self-regulate more effectively.

Creative dance can be a special experience as there is no predetermined way of dancing as seen in dancing to learn technique. Children can express themselves in any way that best suites them. There is no right or wrong way to dance creatively.

Jumping Jellies’s vision largely considers creativity and self-expression through movement and dance. As the creator and director of Jumping Jellies I will always strive to allow children, and parents to experience a unique, and fun experience every time.

Marina Clark
Dance Instructor
Jumping Jellies